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Welcome! Here you’ll discover heaps of creative ideas on how to use fake snow. Maybe you need snow decoration ideas for your home? (Our personal favourite is tipping loose snow into jam jars and popping tea lights on top). Holding a winter-themed party? That calls for a falling snow photoshoot! Look out for our pro tips too, especially on how to apply fake snow for a realistic twinkling finish.

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Fake Snow Decorations For A Festive Table

How To Use Fake Snow

1. Lay down the foundations

Looking to create a realistic snowfall? Our artificial snow blankets are the perfect base layer. Choose from one of our large blanket rolls or a mini one, ideal for under the tree. Now you have a foundation, top it with display snow for texture. 

2. Build up layers of snow

Scatter thick Display Snow Coarse flakes on top. Gradually add finer flakes by adding a layer of Display Snow Medium, followed by Display Snow Fine.

3. The glittering finish

Now for a sparkling finish! Dust on Snow Glitter or Snow Sparkle for that all-important shimmer.

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