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Snow Machine Hire & Rental

Fake Snow Machine Hire - Photo by Joules
Indoor Snow Machine Hire - Photo by White Stuff
Outdoor Snow Machine Hire - Photo by Arcadia
Indoor Snow Machine Hire - Photo by Snow Business
Artificial Snow Machine Hire - Photo by Jacamo

Snow machine hire? Now you’re talking. This stuff is just pure magic. Try snow machine rental for photoshoots, plays or parties. Our snow cannons are perfect for on-demand brilliant blizzards and tons of fun. And you can always complement our fake snow machines with hiring Mr and Mrs Frosty. They’re our charming pair of ready-made snowmen. No winter wonderland is complete without them.

Where can I rent a snow making machine?

Our artificial snow machines are available to either buy or hire from our sister brand Snow Business. (They make the snow you see in movies!). The foam snow machines create an incredibly realistic looking snow that falls gently and evaporates quickly from the ground - no clear up required. No one has invented a snow machine that creates real falling snow, but we live in hope!

Fake Snow Machine Hire

The SB200 Snow Machine Hire

Available for rental through Snow Business.

Looking for outdoor snow machine hire? The SB200W ‘dry’ falling snow machine is a specialist machine, which delivers a realistic falling snow effect. It features:

  • A weather-tight case making it suitable for outdoor use
  • Good coverage: 6-7 metres of snow in a 30 degree arc
  • Digital timer remote control with flake size and fan speed adjustment
  • 20 litre fluid tank which gives 90 minutes snow at a realistic flake size

This outdoor snow machine is available to hire with The Booster. Usually ground mounted, it blows snow 10-15 metres into the air, delivering realistic, fake snow over a wide area. See the SB200W with Booster in action.

Snow Machines For Hire

Ex-rental snow machines available for purchase

The SB10 Snow Machine

The SB10 snow machine is our smallest fake snow machine - ideal for home use. Easy to use, set up and control - just add our Pro Flake Snow Fluid, plug in to 13 amp mains and you have snow. The machine creates snow that looks fantastic indoors and outdoors, however, the machine itself needs to be protected from the rain.

The SB100 TXT Snow Machine

The SB100 snow machine can be positioned on a shelf, mounted on a stand or hung by its bracket. The TXT has an external tank holding 20L of liquid, giving you 80-90 minutes of falling snow with a 5 meter projection. The machine can be used outside but must be protected from rain.

All of our ex-rental snow machines go through our engineering workshop where we run them through full tests. All snow machines will be in a good condition, have a 1-year warranty and are all CE marked.

Snow Machines For Purchase
Fake Snow Machine Rental & Hire
Foam Snow Machine Fluid

Snow Machine Fluid

Available to buy online at The Snow People.

Create a realistic falling snow effect using our environmentally-friendly, self-clearing foam snow fluid. 

Pro Flake is a ready-to-use, high-grade snow fluid, which can be used with most snow machines to produce a very realistic, dry foam, falling snow effect. The fluid is safe to use in any outdoor or indoor situation. Available in 2.5 or 20 litres, it is non-toxic, non-staining, odourless and will leave no residue.

Used on Film and TV sets by Snow Business, this snow fluid has been use in Harry Potter, Hugo, Bridget Jones, Marley & Me, Doctor Who, and many more.

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